Become a volunteer

We have many ways you can volunteer and support
Meals on Wheels

Meals support:

Once a week you can pick from our range of frozen meals and have these delivered to your home by our friendly volunteers. 
Our Menu and all the dietary information is found on our website.

Individual Social Support:

Our volunteers can help you to live more independently by assisting with a range of activities. These could include assistance with getting to appointment, shopping assistance, visiting for a cuppa and a chat, light courtyard gardening, taking you to the library. Please speak to one of our helpful staff to discuss your needs. 

Group Social Support:

Our Out and About team of volunteers and staff can take you on an outing along with other people from our Shire. Outings can include enjoying morning tea and lunch with others, doing a craft activity, cooking, going to restaurant or out to a movie.

Step 1:

Download and print out the following “Volunteer Package“.
Filling out and complete the National Police Checking Service Application/Consent Form.

Step 2:

Once the document is correctly filled please bring into our office located: 6/73 Vulcan St Moruya, NSW, 2537.
Where one of our staff will check the documents and notarise them. 

Step 3:

Review the Code of Conduct

Step 4:

Once we receive the completed forms, we will book you in for the volunteer induction course. 

Should you desire more information please contact me on 4474 4464.